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Tomorrow, Tuesday 19 July, at 11.00, at Block 47 (strada Lamberti 13, Bari vecchia), the city councilor for Cultures Silvio Maselli will speak at the press conference for the presentation of the Open Source School, the only project in Southern Italy to having won one of the three prizes of the “Che-Fare” call for the best ideas of social and cultural innovation, among 700 projects from all over Italy.

The president Lucilla Fiorentino will illustrate the genesis and work axes of the Bari start-up between social innovation, research and teaching, while the didactic director and vice-president Alessandro Tartaglia and the scientific director Alessandro Balena will present the start with the triple XYZ co-design laboratory, which will bring 24 teachers and tutors from Italy and abroad and 60 participants to Bari.

Tomorrow, Saturday 2 April, at 6.30 pm, at the Spaziogiovani municipal gallery, in via Venezia 41, the solo exhibition “Beyond the landscape” by the artist Erasmo Stano. The artist expresses himself with a language made up of colors and shapes, seeking a new pictorial synthesis respecting the old fashions from which he breaks away by breaking up the models in vogue with unusual and brilliant solutions. In search of answers to the questions of life and art, he believes that it is necessary to reconcile individual skills with the techniques available, inventing others, responding to one’s affinities and capable of transforming events into sounds, songs and symphonies.

This morning, at the request of the councilor for Cultures Silvio Maselli, the mayor of Bari Antonio Decaro decided to allocate the sum of 250,000 euros, in addition to the funds already previously allocated, for contributions to creative companies and cultural associations that are successful bidders of the public selection carried out by the municipal commission, which on 04/08/2015 drew up the relative ranking of projects admitted to funding published on this site.

For 2015, therefore, the cultural activities of companies, associations and organizations will be financed for a total of 428,829 euros, of which 127,140 euros to the 5 subjects awarded three-year loans, following the procedure carried out by the previous administration in spring 2014, and 301,689 euros to 52 successful bidders of the notice published by the current administration in March 2015.

This decision confirms the great attention that the municipal administration pays to the many cultural operators who work and who offer the citizens of Bari a range of activities that enrich the cultural panorama of the area.

“In this way we support the cultural development of the city, but also many small and medium-sized enterprises and cultural associations – declares Councilor Maselli – We want to give stability to the city’s cultural and artistic programming as well as to the work of many local artists and operators in the sector. . Together with the reorganization of the functions of the cultural containers, the reopening of the Civic Museum and the Piccinni House, the project for the Contemporary Center, the reinvention of the Murat Room or the activities carried out directly by the Municipality, such as “Baresità” or Christmas in Bari, this is how our strategy is outlined, increasingly aimed at investing in culture and creativity “.

The new notice for the allocation of resources for 2016 will be published by next December, so as to allow cultural organizations to plan in time next year’s activities, offering Bari the possibility of being an attractive and increasingly culturally alive city.

On the proposal of the councilor for youth education policies Paola Romano, the municipal council approved this morning the granting of a financial contribution of € 31,000 in favor of the Enziteto Children’s Cinema Academy by virtue of the social, cultural and educational value of the activities proposed for the year 2015/2016.

As is known, for years the municipal administration has been implementing a policy of promotion and enhancement of the territory within the San Pio district by financially supporting numerous initiatives, some of which managed by the social cooperative GET with the Accademia del Cinema Ragazzi project in a network with other institutions. of the territory such as parish, counseling, schools, socio-educational center of the Municipality.