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IN SANITAS NEWS NURSING HOUSES Villa Serena, women’s health at the center of the mission: here are all the outpatient services

PALERMO. “Serena SPA”, a nursing home accredited with the National Health System, offers a varied range of outpatient services, thanks to the multi-specialized approach that characterizes it, but has placed attention to the female hemisphere at the center of its mission, accompanying the woman during all phases of her life and paying particular attention to the gestational path, from prenatal checks to the event of childbirth.

With this in mind, she wanted to offer future mothers the possibility of free qualified assistance, throughout their pregnancy, through the obstetrics clinic, directed by Dr. Roberta Lubrano.

The same guarantees the visit and the three ultrasound scans provided for by the guidelines, namely: 1st trimester ultrasound dating (between 8 and 10 weeks); morphological ultrasound (examination between 20 and 22 weeks, only for patients followed by the clinic of the Nursing Home from start to birth) and growth ultrasound (between 30 and 32 weeks).

In addition to this, the free access to the Gynecology Clinic, directed by Dr. James Cucinella, underlines the will of governance to promote equal opportunities for access to health, in line with the centrality that has always been assigned to the patient and the continuous search for quality standards aimed at achieving ambitious prevention and treatment objectives.

In the context of cancer, benign and malignant pathologies, in particular, this clinic offers free pre-surgical consultation to all patients who are candidates for gynecological surgical treatment, also sent by the local gynecology clinics, the treating gynecologist or general practitioners , who have already formulated a diagnosis that gives surgical indication. Should the latter be confirmed, the intervention may be carried out under an agreement with the NHS.

Another important and qualified piece is represented by the Prenatal Diagnosis and Fetal Medicine clinic, directed by Dr. Angelo Gabriele Macaluso, which offers a wide range of newly activated diagnostic services: genetic counseling (planning a pregnancy and / or invasive pre-procedure consultation); dating ultrasound I, II, III Trimester, screening test for aneuploidies (chromosomopathies): combined test and Cell free DNA test; fetal echocardiography; fetal neurosonology; 3D / 4D ultrasound; amniocentesis.

The Clinic also has the Neonatal and Nursery Pathology Service, directed by dr. Giovanni Muscolino, equipped with the latest generation equipment necessary for the management of pathological newborns (starting from the 34th week of gestation and up to 1 month of life) which can, therefore, be managed in the same structure without the need for transfers.

Particular attention to the psychological aspects related to couple dynamics and the path of women during pregnancy, but also to disorders of male and female sexuality, is evidenced by the establishment of a special clinic, run by the psychotherapist Maria Luisa Novara.

In addition, Villa Serena (starting from the 5th month of pregnancy) offers future mothers the accompanying birth course, which includes a total of 7 meetings and is managed by a multidisciplinary team: Anesthetist; Gynecologist; Neonatologist; Obstetrician and Psychotherapist.

The Gynecology clinic is open Mon and Thurs afternoon, while that of Obstetrics is active Mon. and Mart. Morning and Mart. Wed and Fri afternoon.

For the gynecological, obstetric and prenatal diagnosis outpatient clinics, call, or send a message via WhatsApp to the numbers: 373.8151331- 339.8410957- 348.5582298- 348.5580699- 339.8410957 or call the CUP at the numbers: 091.6760700- 091.6985751- 091.6985752

For reservations and information relating to the Clinical Sexology outpatient clinic (active on Thursdays) and to schedule the Delivery Accompanying Course (which takes place on Tuesday afternoon) call the CUP at: 091.6760700, or call or send a message via WhatsApp to numbers: 373.8151331- 339.8410957- 348.5582298- 348.5580699- 339.8410957 or write to the email: (hidden)